Marina Lobanova


György Ligeti: Style, Ideas, Poetics


Translated from the Russian Manuscript by Mark Shuttleworth

(= studia slavica musicologica, vol. 29), 449 pp., 115 music illus., catalogue of Ligeti's works, bibliography, paperback, 14,2 x 21 cm, price: 148,00 CHF / 74,95 EUR (D), 77,20 EUR (A),
ISBN 3-928864-90-4

This book is a monograph on Ligeti's aesthetics, style, poetics, compositional technique and his works. Investigated are the aesthetics and poetics as well as compositional techniques and main creative principles of György Ligeti. The author shows the evolution of Ligeti's work at the most of his compositions, from the first Hungarian till the latest period; every period of this evolution is represented by main ideas and concepts (such as micropolyphony, problems of temperature, new rhythmic system, etc.).

Ligeti's creativity is discussed in the wide context of musical avant-garde of the 20th century as well as in that of modern culture as a whole. A long scientific cooperation with the composer took a chance to discuss some of problems with him personally; several interviews with Ligeti build a part of the book. It will be interesting for musicologists, composers, art theorists, university teachers and practical musicians as composers, pianists, conductors, too. Level: graduate, research etc. Intended as a textbook, the book may be used as a reference book and would be also suitable for college courses and seminars.


Russian musicologist Marina Lobanova has published numerous works and edited Nikolai Roslavets' compositions for Schott Music International. After many years as a professor at the Moscow Conservatoire, she received a bursary from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in 1990 and now works in Germany. 1991-93 she was a freelance research assistant to György Ligeti.



ISBN 3-928864-90-4



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